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Thanks to Nick Kemp for the review for The Klub nite at the Water Rats.

“The Ponces are a slightly left-field choice for what is ostensibly a Psychobilly night at The Klub in King’s Cross. It is to their enormous credit that this band that describes itself as being an eclectic mix of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, punk, jazz and Latin exotica, take barely a song to convince the punters to come down the front and enjoy themselves.
The band has a charismatic frontman in Clive Franklin, and Psychobilly royalty Gary Day on bass. Gary’s pedigree is as long as your leg, which includes stints with Frantic Flintstones and the Nitros as well as famously playing bass for Morrissey and more recently for Carlos and the Bandidos. But, in addition, the band is truly blessed to have a near 17 year old, wunderkid guitarist Denvir Jet. This young man has actually been around for a number of years now. I had the great pleasure of seeing him play during the jam session at the Rock and Roll Shakedown when he was just thirteen or fourteen, as he has grown in stature so has his virtuosity. He is a remarkable young man who plays with comparative ease and has gone quite some way to mastering the guitar styles of Link Wray and plays all of the lead work in tonight’s show. His task, however is made easier by the rock solid rhythm section of Paul Dufour on drums (ex Libertines), Anastasis Karydas on rhythm guitar (depping for band member Matt Jackson) and the aforementioned Mr. Day on bass.
I last saw the band play at the Krampus Nacht in early December of last year when Jet was playing bass, due to Day being unavailable, even in that short interval, his phenomenal talent is becoming more apparent. He might be on a steep learning curve, but young Denvir is racing up the mountain and making very light work of it.
Alongside the requisite Cramps’ cover ‘You Got Good Taste’ the band plays a whole host of original material drawn largely from their debut album, ‘Songs For Hope About Despair’, which sits perfectly comfortably in the company of the Cramps’ classic.
In Clive Franklin the band has a great songwriter of ‘Midnight Black,’ and ‘Down At The Black Gardenia’ (played at Krampus Nacht) stand out as two especially memorable tracks. All of which is lapped up with tremendous appreciation by the assembled.
It is quite some time since I have seen a band that is third on the bill out of a total of three bands elicit such a positive response. Long live the Ponces, I shall enjoy seeing them again.” 

Nick Kemp


Review in Klub / Water Rats

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Rest in peace, Lux

Live @ Krampus Nacht… on 8th dec ’18 at paper dress in Hackney London.

On stage with us are The Crampettes, the hep kitten duo slinkin’ ‘n’ shimmerin’ to our version of The Cramps classic ‘You Got Good Taste’ off the album Smell Of Female.

With the ghost of Brian Gregory in the shadows of the garbage man! Can you take it?!

With Caty Kane and Aileen Greiner as the Crampettes!



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