Neil Breaks, Krazy Kat Daddy

We are gutted and saddened to the core from the passing of Neil Breaks, aka disk jockey Krazy Kat Daddy.

One of a few jocks who championed new music that pushed the frontiers of rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly and made it NOW! not just then, but into the future on his “wicked” deejay show ‘The Blue Moon Bop’ and speedway radio show etc.

Marked Deck Music recorded a Denvir Jet jingle for Neil, and spun Ponces songs on a regular basis too…

Hear one of Neils regular spins:


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Krampus Nacht taster

Joining The Ponces on stage will be The Crampettes, the hep kitten duo will be slinkin’ ‘n’ shimmerin’ to our version of You Got Good Taste, with the ghost of Brian Gregory in the shadows of the garbage man! Can you take it?!

Now hear this! A mangled up mix of new and old Rock ‘n’ Roll. Where’s the Mad Daddy and Lux?


Krampus Nacht

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