Prince Monolulu And The Royal Ponces

b/w Hurry Home To Me
P-45 8000

The first single release by Prince Monolulu and the Royal Ponces, a Latin Bossa Nova love song for the uneducated. Available on download very soon!

P-45 8000-Bliss


Hurry Home To Me

Denvir Jet And The Shockwaves

The Six Senses (Of A Woman)
b/w The Seventh Sense
P-45 8001

Released on 45rpm single. With guest voice Clive Franklin... this authentically modern original is a ambiguous look at the misunderstandings between men and women, and has been compared to The Cramps 'What's Inside A Girl' mixed with The Smiths 'Girl Afraid'.


The Six Senses (Of A Woman)

The Seventh Sense

Prince Monolulu And The Soho Ponces

Eee Ooo Prince Monolulu
b/w Misirlou
P-45 8002

Out now! A brand new reworking of 'Voodoo', originally by the Red Callendar Sextette on the 1955 release on Hollywood records out of L.A.

With extra Cuban Latin/Classical ivory work from Dave Kraft, and Gary Day swaggering his best Red Callender bass strut, this classic is brought bang up to date with a long overdue tribute to our hero. Featuring the vocal talents of not only the man himself but that of another hero – Groucho Marx!

The record also features Razzers on congas, Brian Idd on Tenor, Spenno on Bari and Clive on percussion. The original song was written by Earl Burton Jnr. as 'Eee Ooo' and renamed and recorded as 'Voodoo’. There was a $200,000 law suit over this song back in '55.

P-45 8002-AMisirlou Prince Monolulu and the Soho Ponces label P-45 8002-B

Eee Ooo Prince Monolulu


Denvir Jet And The Soho Ponces

Flash Of Inspiration
b/w Cat Man
P-45 8003

Released NOW! on 45 rpm single, 
'Flash Of Inspiration', an original track and 'Cat Man' featuring Gary Day on double bass as well as Clive Franklin on vocals from The Ponces.

P-45 8003-ADenvir Jet and The Soho Ponces Cat Man label P-45 8003-B

Flash Of Inspiration

Cat Man

Prince Monolulu And The Soho Ponces

Caravan (vocal)
b/w Caravan (inst.)
P-45 8004

Released 2016

P-45 8004-AP-45 8004-B

Caravan (vocal)

Caravan (inst.)

Denvir Jet And The Soho Ponces

Deep Feeling, That’s Alright
b/w Restless, Feelin’
P-45 EP 101

Released 2016

P-45 EP 101-AP-45 EP 101-B

Deep Feeling

That's Alright



Denvir Jet And The Shockwaves
The Raw Sound Of…
P-33 121 and P-CD 121

10 track, 10″ vinyl album of Denvir Jet And The Shockwaves’ first long player The Raw Sound Of, comprising music recorded live to 2” tape to produce their live on stage raw sound, with a heady mix of Rock 'n' Roll vocal classics and instrumental craziness that suit more than one mood. To be released in February 2016.

Artwork by Arthole, photography by Tony Bartolo.

The Raw Sound of Denvir Jet and the Shockwaves LP sleeveDenvir Jet and the Shockwaves LP Sleeve back

Here's a little taster of the new Denvir Jet and the Shockwaves soon to be released long playing platter entitled, just simply, The Raw Sound Of... Here Denvir stamps his mark on the classic Ernesto Lecuona classic 'Malaguena'.