The Ponces Walkers Court feature


The band musically defy pigeon holing, which is near impossible in a world where anything even a little bit different is tagged alternative, or plainly categorised Rock music. So due to varied influences from Jazz, Latin and Blues, to artists such as Tom Waits and Chuck E. Weiss via a myriad of hero’s such as Duke Ellington, Babs Gonzales, Howlin’ Wolf and Freddy King they seem to be in a genre of their own, dare I say outsiders, but alas you will hear a heady musical sphere that shuffles together Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Jazz and Latin into an “Exotic Rock ‘n’ Roll” style that is contemporary with Clive Franklin’s ambiguous, ironic and lyrical realism, that tell tales of life NOW! Just listen to the non-album singles London Belongs To Me (which interestingly contains the album title as a lyric and a famous quote from George Orwell) released winter 2016, is a song lamenting the destruction of London with comparisons of how London was and should be as now she has been sanitised, commercialised and gentrified to beyond recognition while looking back through the camera lens of a classic British kitchen sink drama, specifically the title of this song being the same as the movie in question, starring the departed Richard Attenborough as Percy Boon from the 1948 classic, and a future release, the haunting , surreal-psychological thriller entitled The Human Jungle, a look at life today, while staring back at the 1963 TV drama of the same title, starring the recently departed Herbert Lom as Dr. Roger Corder.
Alan Robinson at Indescreet PR 

The Ponces are a six piece line up, expanded to a ten-piece for the Songs For Hope About Despair recording:

Soraya Allen ~ Guitars, Voice and Percussion

Paul ‘Razzers’ Dufour ~ Drums and Percussion

Gary Day ~ Bass Guitar and Double Bass

Jake Vegas ~ Double Bass

Matt Jackson ~ Guitars

Denvir Jet Ibrahim ~ Guitars

Turan ‘Rocky’ Ibrahim ~ Drums

Spencer Evoy ~ Saxes

Dave Kraft ~ Piano

Clive Franklin ~ Voice and Percussion