The Ponces
Slaughter Of Soho
b/w Beautiful Songs That Tell You Terrible Things
SVS-45 001

The Ponces’ first single ‘Slaughter Of Soho’ b/w ‘Beautiful Songs That Tell You Terrible Things’ will be released on the 10th of January 2016 to commemorate the passing of Howlin’ Wolf.

The song from the forthcoming album Songs For Hope About Despair, laments the destruction and dissection of Soho without naming the perpetrators who are obvious of course, yet Soho will always condemn them!
The album version is longer in length due to a big band intro and outro hence the single is an edit.

The flip side is entitled ‘Beautiful Songs That Tell You Terrible Things’, a Tom Waits quote turned into song.

Slaughter Of Soho The Ponces SVS-45 001Slaughter Of Soho The Ponces SVS-45-001 Beautiful Things

Slaughter Of Soho

Beautiful Songs That Tell You Terrible Things

The Ponces
London Belongs To Me
b/w The Sediment Of Love
SVS-45 002

A song lamenting the destruction of London with comparisons of how London was and should be as now she has been sanitised, commercialised and gentrified to beyond recognition while looking through the camera lens of a classic British kitchen sink drama. Specifically the title of this song being the same as the movie in question, starring the recently departed Richard Attenborough as Percy Boon from the 1948 classic London Belongs To Me.

All thanks to the scumbag Tories and there cohorts the turn coat Liberal Democrats, and now the Tories are back in again, without a coalition, and will continue their destruction policy, and line their own pockets at the same time! But not forgetting all the greedy bankers and rich soul less scum who have turned London into a hive of blandness!

The flip side The Sediment Of Love is an anti-love song that describes the longing then the trauma when it all falls apart, yet the yearning to try it all over again then falling victim once more in a never ending build up of loves sediment! Recorded by The Ponces in a NOLA/Chicago Blues Rhumba style.

London Belongs To Me The Ponces SVS-45 002London Belongs To Me The Ponces SVS-45-002 B Sediment

London Belongs To Me

The Sediment Of Love

The Ponces
Midnight Black
b/w Nightmares Of You
SVS-45 003

Distant future release. An alternative take from the album. Water colour artwork by Frankie Franco.

Midnight Black The Ponces SVS-45 003Midnight-Black-The-Ponces-SVS-45-300 B Nightmares

Midnight Black

Nightmares Of You

The Ponces
Songs For Hope About Despair
SVS-33 101 and SVS-CD 101

Songs For Hope About Despair tells the naked truth of many subjects that are at the core that effects all of us, rotten in many instances! Lyrically candid and brash, musically authentically modern, an album that refuses to be pigeon holed... hence it's bound to bomb in this boring, bland and dangerous world, unless you're like us and have had a gut full of the control and corruption etc etc etc!

Released on LP and CD on 15th February 2016, in memory of Little Walter’s passing in 1968.

Available at Flashback Records and other good record shops as well as directly from us at Marked Deck Music.

The Ponces Songs For Hope About Despair LP sleeveThe-Ponces-Album Songs For Hope About Despair

Midnight Black, the opening track from the album

The Death Of Me

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